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Planetary scale proof-of-location platform ensuring the safety and security of moving IoT devices.

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A future with IoT everywhere

Imagine a world where drones roam freely in our cities or where autonomous vehicles pick us up whenever we want. This future could be our reality right now. So why doesn't it exist yet? Before autonomous IoT devices can be unleashed amongst us, a secure method is needed to ensure they are operated safely.


Seraph: a highly secure identification and tracking platform

Seraph is a proof-of-location platform which ensures the safety and security of moving IoT devices through planetary scale identification and tracking services. It provides proof-of-location for a variety of industries including freight and logistics, autonomous vehicles, and drones.


Who we are

Wright Technologies was founded in 2018 in Adelaide, South Australia after winning the international ActInSpace competition in France. We are a team of engineers and entrepreneurs with the courage to dream big, Utilising cutting-edge space technology and science, we are enabling new industries.


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